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Marble Melters (w/ Jeremy Dorn)


Lord, he was born a jamblinman…

A thoroughly groovy time this week as Sam and Alan are joined by Dodger fan and fellow podcaster Jeremy Dorn, co-host of the “3 Up 3 Down” podcast.  They also:

  • Gamely endeavor to resolve the Orioles’ fifth starter puzzle
  • Gamely endeavor to figure out if baseball has a Lebron James
  • Present an original poem entitled “The SABRwocky”
  • Answer YOUR emails and phone calls
  • Apologize for our customarily glaring crop of errors from last week’s show

Thanks for listening!  Check out Jeremy on Twitter @jamblinman, and tune in to “3 Up 3 Down.”

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Trombones of Promise (w/ Ben Masten)

ImageSam and Alan welcome returning challenger and stubborn Yankee-lover Ben Masten back to the program.  Alan also places ESPN columnist Rick Reilly ON NOTICE, and Sam explains why spring training is probably the worst thing of all time.

The Big Four-Oh (w/ April Whitzman)


Fine times on today’s episode!

  • First, another edition of “Alan Tries To Guess What Sam Is Talking About,” followed by a new segment entitled “Baseball Prospectus Pours Cold Water On Your Hopes And Dreams.”
  • Next up, a great interview with Jays blogger April Whitzman, one of Sam’s fellow finalists for the 2013 MLB Fan Cave.
  • Lastly, Intern Scotty fact-checks our last episode, and we share some listener email which posseses lyrical beauty fit to make you blush.

Check out April’s blog Jays Prospects, and follow her on Twitter (@Alleycat17).  If you dig Baltimorons, please subscribe in iTunes by clicking here!

Toasted Shorties

Sam is back with updates from the MLB Fan Cave Final 30 showdown in Arizona, plus exciting/terrifying news and notes from the O’s spring training camp.


Alan delivers the annual State of the Orioles address, prompting much discussion of the complex interrelation between sports and politics in these United States.

Yasmani’s…Never Mind, Forget It

In which we make a special announcement, forget to congratulate the Ravens on their Super Bowl victory, and offer several important reality checks.